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StrongU STU-U6 Dash Batch2 Preorder

Price: 1999.0 USD  Stock: 0
Power: 2.197W/GHS
Electricity & Maintenance Fee: $0.004/GH/Day


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StrongU-U6 Miner Tenancy, Hashrates Hosting and Trading Service Agreement


This is a pre-order for StrongU-U6 miner. The hashrates will be credited to your account in 60 days from the date of  purchase.

1.  Acceptance of Terms

1.1 Please read the Agreement carefully before you place your order. Do not proceed further if you have any concerns. You may wish to contact us though our customer service channel and our support team will clarify your concerns. By clicking “I have read and agree to the Terms of Service” on the “Shop” page, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to this Agreement. 

1.2  We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting an updated version on www.hashnest.com (“Hashnest Site”) and announcing on Hashnest Site. The updated version of the Agreement shall take effect immediately upon posting, unless otherwise stated. By continuing your access to and use of services by Hashnest, you hereby agree that this Agreement as may be amended from time to time.

1.3  You hereby confirm:

a) You are at least 18 years of age and have capacity to enter into a contract with Hashnest;

b) You accept and use the services provided by Hashnest in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and policies in your country of residence/country and do not violate your obligations to any other third party.

c) You find that when you are unable to commit to the provisions of paragraphs a, b of this section (Section 1) due to changes in facts or laws and regulations, you will immediately stop using the services provided by Hashnest and inform us to terminate the services through the customer service channel. Upon the termination of the services, your right of use of Hashnest services will also be terminated. In this case, we are under no obligation to deliver any unprocessed or unfinished services or information to you or any third party.

2.  Miner Tenancy and Order

2.1  By creating an account at Hashnest Site, you agree to provide current, true, accurate and complete personal information in all respects. If there is any change to your personal information, you shall update it. If the information is found to be incurrent, untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, you shall bear all the corresponding responsibilities and consequences. You are solely responsible for all activities which take places in connection with your account and you must keep your account password secure. We reserve the rights to impose restrictions, suspend or terminate the use of Hashnest Services on the account based on the information provided. 

2.2 Your order at Hashnest Site is a request to us for a cloud mining service at Hashnest. It does not mean that we have accepted your order. We reserve the right to reject your order at our discretion. If we accepted your order, a binding agreement (“StrongU-U6 Miner Tenancy, Hashrates Custody and Trading Agreement”) is automatically generated on behalf of Hashnest for you and the associated account of the cloud mining service you have placed in the order. Prior to our acceptance of the order, the order is considered to be pending and we reserve the right to refuse to accept the order and your payment. Upon completion of the order form and payment, the order cannot be cancelled. We do not accept any refund and order cancellation requests, please make sure you have read carefully and understood this Agreement before you place your order.
2.3 The sale price of the miner is fixed at U.S. dollars. CoinDesk BPI price is used to convert the U.S. dollars sale price into real-time cryptocurrency price. In the event that the CoinDesk BPI is not available due to technical difficulties or any other reason resulting in failure to convert the sale price, Hashnest reserves the right to use a different reference data. We reserve the right to manually adjust the U.S. dollars exchange rate when there is an abnormal fluctuation in the Bitcoin market.

2.4 We reserve the right to cancel or not fulfil any orders if the stock inventory shows abnormalities . We do not accept any responsibility for any lack of stock of the miner. In such event, we will inform you of the order cancellation and provide refund. We will refund you in the form of cryptocurrency (USDT)  based on its prevailing exchange rate from the U.S. dollars on CoinDesk BPI.

2.5 In the case of preorder, you may cancel your order and receive refund only if:

a)  Hashrates were not credited to your account by the end of stipulated period.

b)  Actual order quantity is more than stock quantity. The exceeding orders will be cancelled on first order first serve basis.

We will refund you in the form of cryptocurrency (USDT) based on its prevailing exchange rate from the U.S. dollars on CoinDesk BPI. If you have used a coupon to purchase, due to the fact that coupons are not refundable, we will issue you an equivalent coupon.

3.  Miner Deployment & Conversion to Hashrates

3.1  The StrongU-U6 miners will be subjected to testing at our mining farms to understand the actual power consumption and actual hashrates before we credit them in your account. The findings and proof of testing will be upload on Hashnest Site. Until then, the amount of hashrates to be credited into your account is not predetermined and is subjected to change. 
3.2 This is a pre-order for StrongU-U6 miner. Upon purchase, the hashrates will be credited to your account by the stipulated time. Please make sure you are comfortable with the wait time before you purchase. We will commission and test the miners before we begin crediting of hashrates to your account.

3.3 Conversion of hashrates and crediting to account is on first order first serve basis.

4.  Mining Revenue Distribution

4.1 Mining revenues generated from Hashnest mining contracts will be paid to you based on the suitability and availability of the following methods: PPLNS, PPS or PPS+.

4.2  By default, all miners on Hashnest are set to mine in Antpool.com (“AntPool”). In the event that AntPool experiences prolonged technical difficulties, we reserve the right to switch hashrates to mine in another mining pool and at our sole discretion, to allocate your mining revenues based prevailing conditions.

4.3 During the downtime when hashrates are switched to mine in another mining pool, Hashnest will not be liable for the loss of revenue .

5. PPLNS Revenue Distribution Explanation

5.1 PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) is a payment method based on the number of shares (hashrates) you submitted during a round (time taken to solve a block) if the pool is able solve one.

5.2 When AntPool solves a block, the block information and revenue will be transferred to the Hashnest after six network confirmations. Hashnest may experience delay in receiving the block information and revenue from the mining pool. Upon Hashnest receiving the block information and revenue, we will proceed divide the revenue according the amount of hashrates you own.

5.3 In the event that a block is found when your hashrates are put on trade markets, Hashnest will continue to allocate the divided revenues to you until the ownership of the hashrates is transferred to a new user.

Calculation formula:PPLNS Payout = (Pay Per Block / GPS) x  Hash Amount

6. PPS Revenue Distribution Explanation

6.1 PPS (Pay Per Share) is a payment method based on the average number of shares and mining difficulty during a round. 

6.2 Hashnest will use the following formula to calculate theoretical daily mining revenues per GHS: 1 x 10^9 x 86400 x Current Block Reward / Current Difficulty / 2^32

6.3 When a pool solves a block, the block information and revenue will be transferred to the Hashnest after six network confirmations. Hashnest may experience delay in receiving the block information and revenue from the mining pool. Upon Hashnest receiving the block information and revenue, we will proceed divide the revenue according the amount of hashrates you own. 
Calculation formula:PPS Payout = (PPS / GPS / Day) x (Time to solve a block) / 24 Hours x Hash Amount

7. PPS+ Revenue Distribution Explanation

7.1 PPS+ is an enhancement of the conventional PPS method, with an additional allocation of transaction fees. With PPS+, the pool pays the miners for each valid share they submit – like the pool is hiring them, and therefore miners will enjoy a stable payout. 

7.2 The pool bears all the risks of bad luck and orphaned blocks, hence a higher fee. Transaction fees will be allocated to miners by PPLNS as below.


8.  Collection of Electricity and Maintenance Fees

8.1 Hashnest charge customers a fixed maintenance fees, which includes electricity and maintenance fee, of US$0.075 per kWH. The miner’s electricity consumption will be based on the specifications given by manufacturer, unless otherwise tested by Hashnest.
Maintenance fee per G per day = Power Per G x 24 hours x US$0.075/kWH
8.2 Maintenance fees are calculated by the time taken to solve a block (Duration Time), and will deducted at the same time the revenue is paid out. It is deducted from your payout in the cryptocurrency you mine based on its prevailing exchange rate from the U.S. dollars on CoinDesk BPI.

Calculation formulaMaintenance fees per payout = Maintenance fee per day x (Duration Time /24 hours) x Hash Amount
8.3  In the event that you do not enough balance in their account to pay for the maintenance fee, your Hashnest wallet will begin accumulating a negative balance; however, you will still retain ownership of you hashrates.
8.4 Hashnest reserves the right to make adjustments to the electricity and maintenance fees based on operational factors. Except in dire cases, Hashnest will announce any changes to these fees on Hashnest Site at least 3 days in advance of them taking effect.

9.  Transaction Fees on Market

9.1 On the U6 hashrates Market, sellers will be charged 0.5% handling fee on each trade made on the Market. Buyers will not be charged.

10.  Breakdown and Repair of Miners

10.1 A 180-day warranty (“Warranty Period”) is provided starting from the date your hashrates are credited . During the Warranty Period, we will troubleshoot and repair the miners. Repair costs incurred during the Warranty Period will also be borne by Hashnest.

10.2 After the Warranty Period, we will release a miner permanent damage report on Hashnest Site (which includes the number of scrapped miners from every batch and additional expenditures) every quarter. The additional expenditures shall mean amounts expended within every quarter to replace the scrapped miners’ hashrates. We will charge you according to the amount of hashrates you own in proportion to the total hashrates in the batch and deduct the charges from your account in the first week of the next quarter.

11.  Hashrates REPO and Agreement Termination 

11.1 This Agreement begins from the date we accept your order. When your daily payout is lower than the maintenance fee for a period of ten continuous days, Hashnest will announce the termination of this Agreement at Hashnest Support Site.

11.2 If due to the decline of bitcoin exchange rate or increment of mining difficulty resulting in the maintenance fees to be greater than 80% of the mining revenues, market will be closed at the same time.
11.3 If bitcoin exchange rate recovers, which means the ratio of maintenances fees to daily payout is lower than 80% for a period of ten continuous days, market will be reopened.

11.4 Upon termination of this Agreement, your hashrates will expire and Hashnest will launch the REPO of your hashrates. We will offer to exchange your hashrates into coupons within 10 days of the Agreement termination. The coupon value is determined as the average prevailing price of second-hand StrongU-U6 miners on the China market minus 25% depreciation expenses. Coupon can only be used on Hashnest Site to purchase new mining contracts. Coupons may not be transferred, sold or redeemed for cash (fiat currency) or cryptocurrency. If you have hashrates less than 660G, you are not eligible to redeem coupons, please sell your hashrates at our Market before it is closed to avoid losses.

11.5 Hashnest mining activities may be interrupted by power outrage, network issues, miners repair and/or other problems. In such case, we will inform you on Hashnest Site and resolve as soon as possible and Hashnest will not responsible for any losses as a result. 

11.6 In the unlikely event of political decisions affecting cryptocurrency mining activities, wars, natural disasters or acts of God, e.g. flood, fire, lightning, earthquake and more, power outrage, network issues causing the operations of our mining farms to be ceased, this Agreement shall be terminated in advance and Hashnest will not be responsible for any losses as a result.

12.  Risk Notification and Disclaimer of Liability

Please read this Agreement carefully and acknowledge of the potential risks before your purchase. You are advised to make your investment decision independently. If you have any concerns, please do not proceed further. We are not responsible for the losses caused by following factors include but not limited to:

12.1 You understand and agree that there is a legal risk in the use of cryptocurrency. As the current legal supervision of cryptocurrency is not mature, its value may not be protected by law/regulations, and its behaviour may be identified as a violation of regulations or policies termination.

12.2 You understand and agree that due to the nature of the cryptocurrency, the value of any cryptocurrency holder and any number of any cryptocurrency may lose some or all of its value at any time; you are devalued because of the value of the cryptocurrency (even Zero) has full responsibility for the losses suffered.

12.3 You understand and agree that Hashnest will maintain or upgrade the system periodically or irregularly. Hashnest cannot guarantee that the services provided by us are continuous, without interruption. We are not responsible for the losses of service interruption (if any).

12.4 The value of your investment, any number of any cryptocurrency may be affected by many factors not controlled by Hashnest, including but not limited to: mining difficulty and/or other mining parameters/attributes changes, Market price fluctuations in cryptocurrency (legal currency versus cryptocurrency exchange rates, such as USD/BTC), hardware obsolescence and hardware amortization.

12.5 Interruption or delay in the services due to natural disasters, wars, hacking, website upgrades, market depression, acts or omissions of a government authority prohibiting or impeding Hashnest and our affiliates from providing the services, or the non-performance by a third party (e.g. mining farm or pools) for any reasons beyond the reasonable control of Hashnest and our affiliates may cause termination of agreement, decreasing of revenue or even lose principal, we are not responsible for it. 

12.6 Due to mistakes caused by users, like failure in data transmission due to a breakdown of your computer, mobile phone, you take full responsibility.

12.7 You understand and agree that Hashnest reserves the right to publish, modify, and/or provide services related to the services provided by Hashnest and Hashnest at any time through official page announcements, site letters, emails, customer service calls, SMS or regular mail any information. Hashnest is not legally responsible for any information not obtained through our official channels.


Limitation of liability

You agree that we may provide service to you and your competitor at the same time, waive any actual or potential conflict, and cannot claim a legal flaw in the provision of service.